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School Infrastructure

School Infrastructure


Ser No

Army Public School APS Details


Standard (Secondary/Sen Secondary

Mgt Fmn/Unit


Ahmedabad Cantt

Class I -XII

11 Rapid (H)





Existing amenities, facilities, labs and infrastructure at Army Public School, Ahmedabad Cantt


Tinkering & Robotic Lab (ATL)

Tinkering & Robotic Lab has been set up in the school with the objective of creating a scientific temperament as well as cultivating the spirit of curiosity and creativity among our young minds. Students will be exposed to emerging technologies like robotics, 3-D printing, drones etc through practical hands on experiments provided by various learning kits.

Science labs (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)

APS Ahmedabad Cantt has spacious and well-equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs providing students the chance to discover a scientific principle on their own.

Maths Lab

The school mathematics laboratory has collection of different kinds of materials and teaching/learning aids, needed for the understanding of the students.


APS Ahmedabad Cantt has well equipped library with plenty of attractive, well built and comfortable furniturewithbooks depicting stories of travels, explorations, adventures, discoveries and inventions catering to the interest of all age groups.

MI Room

The school maintains a fully equipped Infirmary under the charge of a trained Nurse to take care of the minor injuries and medical problems of the students. The room is bright and airy whose walls are filled with colourful information regarding health.

Interactive Board

The school has the facility of smart board wherein the teachers impart education using various online activities and evaluation and hence enhances the learning experience of the students.

Assembly Ground & Stage

The school has a spacious assembly ground in which all the classes can be easily accommodated and has a big assembly stage for the students to present their assemblies and showcase their various talents.

As sound mind resides in a sound body and therefore regular yoga sessions are conducted for the students in the assembly ground.

Science Park

The school has very informative science park in which various models and equipment’s are there like DNA model, newton ring, etc. there are various banner along with the model for the students to gain information about the respective modal.




The school has a huge playground with the seating facility for the spectators.It has a synthetic basketball court, football court, cricket pitch, 800 meter jogging track etc. The school also provides various indoor sports like chess, carrom, table tennis etc.

Language lab

The school has beautiful language laboratory comprising of sufficient computers with uninterrupted network facilities and various languages learning software. It transforms a passive language class into an active speaking-based learning environment.


The auditorium of APS Ahmedabad Cantt is well equipped with smart gadgets and projector. This huge and spacious hall is air conditioned and can accommodate nearly 250 people at a time. Loud audible speakers are enabled in all the corners of the auditorium.

Dance Room

The school has a spacious, vibrant, colourful dance room wherein students learn various Indian and western dance forms.

Music room

The school has enchanting and bright music room. All basic musical equipments like harmonium, tabla, guitar, drums, keyboard etc are made available to the students. The music department is equipped with teaching both vocal and instrumental music.

IE Resource Room

The school has introduced a Resource Room full with accessible learning materials for students with disability or difficulty in learning. The special educator uses the resource room to bridge the learning gaps of such students. The multifunctional room houses a variety of innovative games, charts, toys, puzzles, and other teaching aids to stimulate the minds of special learners.

Computer Labs (Junior / Senior)

The school has a setup of spacious computer labs for both the senior wing and junior wing separately. Each room has 40 functional computers to provide the students with first hand experience and to avail the opportunity of learning and enhancing their skills.

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