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About Us

About Us


Each student

  • Becomes leader, winner and achiever in the global world, has a very sound value system and self discipline.

  • Develops life skills to lead a life of happiness and contentment.

  • Inculcates the will power and the strength to make a small difference for the larger cause of humanity and their motherland.

  • Has commitment to education, equal opportunity and excellence.

  • Shows integrity towards self, community and society.

  • Develops creativity in thought, expression and approach.

  • Show teamwork for wisdom, progress and growth.

  • Has leadership in vision, innovation and initiative.

  • Develops discipline, dedication and determination.




In the midst of untruth, truth persists and in the midst of darkness light persists.


Our motto is ‘Truth is God’, meaning the magnificence of Truth helps in the realization of the Almighty. Being truthful in all our endeavours, we can strive better and excel in all aspects of life as an Individual. Thus our mission originates from truth and follows the path of honesty. Accomplishing the best in one and all stands as a landmark of our achievement.

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